FileZilla Server Autoban Application


Automatic Tool to Update the IP Filter Disallowed

Users of Filezilla Server for Windows…congratulations, with this application your IP Disallowed Filter will be updated everyday from login/password errors readed from daily service logs.

I love Filezilla Server for Windows but native autoban options are not enough for me. In my web server clients not have FTP accounts, but i use a few for different reasons. I was bored to see the logs every day, every minute with people try hack the FTP Server with different user/password combinations. I don´t understand how filezilla server dont have a black list manager to control ip´s from logs.

But i decide to make my own updater tool. It´s very simple.

Te console application read the “same day” log file (making a copy, log file is blocked by Filezilla Service) , stores the ip´s with login errors and update XML configuration file, IP Filter Disallowed item.

But this its unsuccesful if service was not restarted…i do it also.

By this way i schedule the exe to execute about 23:55 every day, having the ftp server “IP Filter Disallowed” list updated.

Are you interested on this ?

You can try my tool download exe file from the github project repository, and also you can download the project and change it for free.

FileZilla Server Autoban IP Disallowed Updater

FileZilla Server Autoban IP Filter Disallowed Updater Project

Note: In newer version i will develop an min error count variable from same IP to be filtered. Sometimes a customer try to enter his FTP account with errors, maybe the filter only has to been fired if login error happens more than x times.